Art Director

Jillian Miall


Not your typical digital designer; my work is a balance of practical and creative, form and function. I offer a multidisciplinary approach with services in the areas of communication strategies,  branding, product development, merchandising/styling, and lifestyle development.

Digital Design

Website design, mobile apps, and other online content. Skills in 3D modelling or 2D animation. Responsive email marketing collateral, banners and other online marketing materials, and work in HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript.

Communication Solutions

I develop communication strategies as a thoughtful response to client desires, practical considerations and existing conditions. I also create workflow solutions and asset management infrastructures.


Accessibility, utility, design and system performance contribute to a successful product. I provide a user experience where one can successfully navigate their way with as little time, effort and knowledge as possible.

Jillian Miall

Jillian Miall | Art Director & digital producer. All images are mine, unless stated otherwise.